Welcome to Your Transition Site

The Transamerica site for the Ascension Health Retirement Savings Program—
ahtransitions.trsretire.com—is your new online home for retirement plan information during this transition period. You'll experience simple navigation, easy account access, and superior tools and resources from Transamerica, our recordkeeper for the Retirement Savings Program. The program consists of the following plans:

  • A 403(b) plan, offered in not-for-profit health ministries, and a 401(k) plan, offered in for-profit locations, which provide for your before-tax contributions.
  • The Employer Contribution Account, a 401(a) plan,* which provides for employer contributions that your health ministry may provide.

*All references to the 401(a) plan are referring to the Employer Contribution Account.

Welcome to the Ascension Health Retirement Savings Program!

Starting January 1, 2016, go to the Ascension Health Retirement Savings Program website for the latest retirement plan information. This is your new home for easy access to your account and important program information. This website is easily accessible from your computer or mobile device.

Visit ah.trsretire.com today!

2015 Contribution Limits

The IRS has formally announced the 2015 contribution limits for retirement plans.

  • You may contribute up to $18,000 in 2015.
  • If you are or will be age 50 by December 31, 2015, a catch-up provision allows you to contribute an additional $6,000 in 2015.
  • Click here for additional information on limits for 2015 and the previous two years.